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Vina Elementary School is a small four-room school located in Northern California's rural Tehama County. Vina is 20 miles south of Red Bluff and 18 miles north of the city of Chico on the Vina plains, west of the meandering Sacramento River and east of the rolling foothills of the Sierra Cascade. The school sits on 5.94 acres, all surrounded by neighboring orchards. It is one of two elementary schools in the Los Molinos Unified School District.

Our Mission
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In order to make our vision a reality, we must make our school a truly pro-student environment. We will design lessons that are
engaging for all students by utilizing a variety of instructional strategies that allow everyone to be successful. We will support
students as they begin to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world with loving guidance, positive interventions,
and a focus on restorative justice. We will ensure that every student has the same opportunities to become exactly who they
want to be. In our school, all children will be held to a high standard of behavior and academic achievement because each of
them is capable of meeting and exceeding those goals.

It is our objective to make sure that everything we do, in addition to being pro-student, is pro-education. We will choose
materials that are dynamic enough to engage our new generation of learners, integrate technology in a way that prepares them
for the ever-changing world they will enter, and deliver instruction in a way that helps them become critical thinkers and
problem solvers. However, education is certainly not limited to what happens in the classroom. We will offer opportunities to
everyone to become educated in working as a team through ample athletic and extracurricular opportunities. We will model
kindness, integrity, and grit every day, and teach our students that anything worth having is worth working for.

We will build a strong school community. If a child does not feel safe at school, learning cannot take place. Ultimately, we are
sending our students out into bigger communities than they have ever been part of before, and it is our responsibility to prepare
them to be change-makers in every environment they enter. We will build strong relationships with other local schools so that
when our students move on they are set up for success. We will reach out to our local community to engage others in
supporting our students in all of their endeavors. By having strong ties to the community, we can offer our students a view into
the future - they can see that there are people everywhere who were once small-town kids just like themselves and are now
making a difference in the world. 

Our Motto
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“Pro-student, Pro-education, Pro-community”
The core values of “pro-student, pro-education, pro-community” reflect the vision of our school. Our goal is to help all students
reach their full potential socially, emotionally, and academically so that they can be change-makers in their homes, schools,
communities, and world. 

History of SuccessTop of Page

The district and school were founded In 1925. Vina Elementary School District unified with Los Molinos School District in the mid-1960s and is now one of 5 schools in the district. Vina serves students in first through eighth grades in the original, historic school building. A modern, portable building, which serves as our library, computer lab, and resource center was added in 2002. As part of the grounds, there are two baseball diamonds, a multipurpose soccer and football field, and two basketball courts. There is a designated play area for primary grade children.
The staff collaborates well and works together with a high level of professionalism, dedicated to the achievement of students. Vina students benefit from a standards-based curriculum focusing on high academic achievement and strong character development. Individualized instruction is part of every instructional day.
Vina's history of success would not be possible without the efforts of all staff, community and students. We are proud to give the students at Vina Elementary a well-rounded education including, academics, the arts, and athletics.

Heart of the CommunityTop of Page

Vina Elementary is the heart of the community. When events take place at the school, the entire community is aware and attends. The school invites all community members to school functions such as an annual spaghetti feed, Open House, Back-to-School Night, Christmas program, and graduation.